About Us

We love our pets - but hate the mess that goes with feeding them. So as a team of engineers (and pet tragics) we put our heads together to design the best way to store and feed our much-loved pets. 

We looked at all sorts of things but it came down to one simple idea. A tube that could hygienically store loaf style dog food and easily portion it out as needed.

That's how Twist'n'Serve was born.

But we didn't stop there. We also wanted to make a quality product using food grade plastics and anodized aluminium to create the perfect durable and convenient dog food dispenser that is easy to clean. 

We also wanted to deal with the problem of overfeeding. You know that look they give you with their big brown eyes. It's hard not to give them another spoonful. With Twist'n'Serve we have placed markers alongside to help you accurately and consistently portion food each time.

We know you will find it a great way to feed your much-loved pet without the mess.     

The Team from Twist'n'Serve